the abyss is growing
with every blank look
every word left
by a thread

maybe i’ll lay a trail of ink,
a bridge of words.
standing on the brink,
arms down, white flags abound
i’ll lay down my sword
and not make a sound 

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There’s nothing sweeter or more satisfying than weaving together words and turns of phrases for the person who sets your soul on fire. 

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we do this mad dance
around each other
round and round and round
again, ‘til we’re both
seeing stars, and are
as far apart as

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Music:The Times They Are A Changin'
Artist: Bob Dylan
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Caged In.

there my soul lies, caught
between lines of faded ink
and time-warped pages 

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Let’s seize the skies with your amber eyes and tattoo the horizon with bullet holes and riddled mines. Let’s stain the virgin clouds crimson with ribbons of our flesh and minds—yours and mine, intertwined.

2 years ago

there is nothing more
to do when you’ve truly lost
all that had mattered 

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Dented Dreams.

I dreamt of fiery fingers licking triggers,
blood spewing from flesh and bone
and tinging the heavens crimson
till the skies congested into tarry black
and wept rivers of rust and white roses
dyed red in swirling rivulets,
a mere ghost of you. 

2 years ago
Light me up, baby.

Sword-brandishing tales of swashbucklery and sadly realistic melancholy ditties make up my DNA. There are secrets, some new or old and ripe for the picking, hidden in every laugh and frown line on my face. There are memories tucked into every pore, just waiting to be let out if pressed just so, and new ones to be made, concealed behind every strand of hair on my head, like kindling just begging to be inflamed.

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That lethal crescendo,
the clashing of puissant minds:
too many ideas,
too little time.
Shared ideas accrue more
substance and weight
than whatever idle chatter
passes through these days. 

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